Terms of Use
Please take the time to carefully read through the following Terms of Use as they incorporate the basis on which we can accept bookings, do not just tick the box to accept these terms and conditions (as we all typically do!).
We’re committed to ensuring you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay, so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries about these Terms of Use. We’re here to help!

A. Definitions

  • 1.
    “Booking” means the period for which you have paid to stay at the Property.
“Property” means the accommodation (villa, apartment or any other typology present in the Website) you have paid to stay in through the Website (incl. all its fixtures, fittings and equipment).
“Owner” means the Property Owner, the Property Manager, the Owner Representative and/or the Property Management Agency.
“Client” means the renter, you and your companions who rent the Property and stay overnight in the Property during the Booking.
“Visitor” means a person you and your companions allow to visit the Property during the Booking.
“Website” means this website, AffittaBali.com, operated by Paradise Retreats Limited, an Hong Kong private company limited by shares.
“Terms of Use” or “Terms” means the terms and conditions that regulate the agreement between the Client and the Owner starting from the moment the reservation has been confirmed through the Website.
  • 2.
    The Properties on the Website are offered for holiday rental from their Owner to the Client, the renter, under the following Terms of Use. Some Properties also have Specific Rental Conditions, available on their Property page or on the Website. When making an inquiry on the Website via phone or email, the Client accepts and agrees to these Terms of Use and to the Property Specific Rental Conditions.
  • 3.
    The Website provides an online platform through which Owners can advertise their Properties for reservation. By making a reservation through the Website, the Clients enters into a direct, legally binding, contractual relationship with the relevant Owner. The Website acts exclusively as an intermediary between the Client and the Owner, acting on behalf of the Owner.

B. Price and payment of your Booking

Because the Properties on the Website are all privately owned and operated, payment requirements may vary from Property to Property. The following will apply unless we notify you in writing otherwise. The Client is responsible for the payments of all rental costs and for compliance with these Terms of Use. The rental prices are all in United States Dollars (USD). Payment can also be made in AUD, EUR, GBP or other currencies at the prevailing exchange rate. Payments can be made by Bank transfer, Credit and Debit Card. The Client must pay all bank charges. Credit cards payments are accepted subject to a service charge (the amount of which may vary from 2.6% to 4.4%).
  • 4.
    Discount vouchers awarded to Clients are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-cumulative.
  • 5.
    The rental prices include all the services and use of facilities listed in the Property Specific Rental Conditions. The Booking DO NOT include:
  • Cost of telephone calls;
  • Any optional services not previously specified and billed;
  • Client’s travel insurance, medical insurance or personal liability insurance.
  • Because the Properties on the Website are all privately owned and operated, payment requirements may vary from Property to Property. The following will apply unless we notify you in writing otherwise.
  • 6.
    For Bookings made outside 60 days of your arrival date:
  • we will process a 50 % deposit at the time of you making your Booking;
  • the remaining balance is then payable no less than 60 days before your arrival date.
  • 7.
    For Bookings made within 60 days of your arrival date:
  • we will process the total amount (100 % of the Booking cost) at the time of you making your Booking.
If full payment is not received as specified, the Owner reserves the right to cancel the Booking and refuse admission to the Property.

C. Cancellation

  • 8.
    Because the Properties on our Website are all privately owned and operated, cancellation terms may vary from Property to Property. The following will apply unless otherwise specified in the Property Specific Rental conditions.
Charges for cancellations are as follows:
  • For cancellations made greater than 60 days before your arrival date, the deposit paid to secure the Booking will be forfeited;
  • For cancellations made between 0 and 60 days before your arrival date, 100% of the total amount will be forfeited.
Where you are entitled to a refund, we will ensure we transfer all your entitled funds to your nominated within seven (7) business days of receiving your cancellation request in writing. In case of any transaction fees and exchange rate losses related to the Booking and making the refund, these will be covered by the Client.
In all cases we will try and negotiate the lowest cancellation fees however please understand the final decision is ultimately up to Owner.

D. Checking in and out of your rented Property

  • 9.
    Please let us know your expected arrival time, flight details and a mobile contact a few days before your arrival so we can arrange any applicable airport transfers. Please also let us know if your airline reschedules your flight at the last minute so we can notify the Owner of your new arrival details. For your convenience, we provide details and instructions for your airport transfers (if applicable) in your Booking confirmation.
  • 10.
    The rental period shall commence at 2.00pm on the first day and end at 11.00am on the last day of the rental period, unless otherwise specified in the Property Specific Rental conditions. The Owner shall not be obliged to offer accommodation before the time stated and the Client shall not be entitled to remain in occupation after the time stated. Please let us know if you would like to check-in earlier or check-out later than the times mentioned above and we will try our very best to arrange this with the Owner. Additional charges may apply at the discretion of the Owner.
  • 11.
    For the protection of your privacy and security, the Owner will typically not issue accommodation keys to persons not named in the Booking confirmation unless prior arrangements are made. Please let us know if you would like to nominate someone to collect the keys on your behalf and we will arrange this with the Owner.
  • 12.
    The Owner will typically require a copy of each Guest passport and/or other form of identification as required by Indonesian Immigration. Please comply with this requirement as it is also for your safety.

E. Security Deposit

  • 13.
    A security deposit may be payable directly to the Owner immediately upon arrival at the Property. The exact security deposit amount required for each Property may not be stated prior to the Client arrival but, in the case it is stated, the Owner has the right to impose different requirements on a case by case basis. Access to the Property may be refused if security deposit is not paid in full. When the security deposit is required to be paid in cash, or when a non-standard security deposit applies, we will inform the Client in advance of the amount payable and any other conditions.
The security deposit will normally be refunded at the end of the rental period, after deducting:
  • all additional expenses incurred on the Client’s behalf (e.g. additional charges for goods, services and staff which have not been directly paid by the Guest, and telephone and internet charges, if applicable) and
  • the cost of replacement or repair for any damage, breakage, missing items and
  • the cost for any additional cleaning for Properties left abnormally dirty and
  • the cost for long-distance calls charged to the Properties’s telephone, and
  • any other charges incurred before, during or after the Client’s stay, still outstanding.
If these costs cannot be reasonably determined prior to the Client’s departure, the Owner is entitled to withhold a reasonable estimate from the Client’s security deposit, and will return any balance to the Client as soon as possible after the actual cost has been determined.
The Client shall report to the Owner without delay any defects in the Property or breakdown in the equipment, machinery or appliances in the Property so that arrangements for repair and/or replacement can be made as soon as possible.

F. Conditions of stay and House Rules

  • 14.
    The maximum number of people residing in the Property cannot exceed the number stated on the Property dedicated webpage on the Website and in the Booking confirmation, unless explicitly permitted by the Owner. The Owners reserve the right to refuse service or rentals to anyone at their complete discretion. Please let us know if you would like additional Guests to stay at the Property and we will discuss this with the Owner (extra charges may apply). Please ensure you take all reasonable steps to ensure your Visitors do not behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of neighbours nor compromise safety and security.
  • 15.
    Upon arrival and departure of the Property, a record of the state of repair of the Property and its contents might be made with the Owner. If no record of the state of the Property and its content is made, the Property and furniture will be deemed to be in good state of use.
  • 16.
    Accommodation is provided for the sole purpose of tourism and any commercial use of the Property is strictly forbidden. The Client certifies that he is renting the Property for the purpose of tourism only and under no circumstances may he/she establish residence at that address.
  • 17.
    The Client agrees not to engage in any illegal, illicit, immoral or business-related activity within the Property.
  • 18.
    The Client agrees to be a considerate tenant and to take good care of the Property and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period.
  • 19.
    The Client agrees to lock Property’s windows and doors securely at all times when not on the premises, and must exercise care in securing all personal property.
  • 20.
    It is forbidden to fix objects to the walls and to displace furniture and appliances.
  • 21.
    For reasons of hygiene, pets are not permitted in the Property unless authorized in writing by the Owner or the Website.
We have found that in most cases Owners has welcomed a pet at the Property, subject to a few special (but reasonable) conditions, including but not limited to:
  • extra charges for cleaning;
  • pets are to remain outside at all times;
  • pets are not allowed on furniture at any time;
  • Clients are responsible for cleaning up after their pets both inside (if permitted) and outside the Property.
  • 22.
    The Client must respect the rules and regulations applicable to the Property in which his accommodation is situated: he must not be the source of excessive noise or other disruption, which might disturb neighbours, and he must respect regulations concerning the use of the communal areas of any apartment building.
  • 23.
    By prior appointment (or immediately in case of emergency), the Owner reserves the right to enter the premises at any time to ensure essential maintenance and security.

G. Liability

  • 24.
    Neither Owner nor the Website shall be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with your scheduled occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, fire, strikes, terrorism, war, inclement weather, flooding, volcano eruptions, disturbance or noise coming from outside the Property such as private or public construction, traffic, animals or neighbours. No rebate of refund will be offered in these circumstances.
  • 25.
    The Website reserves the right to substitute comparable or better accommodations without liability, should the Owner change the price of the Property without notifying the Website before doing so, or if Property reserved be sold or rented long-term, out of order, undergoing renovation, inadvertently double-booked, or deemed substandard by the Website for any reason. If comparable accommodations are not available, The Client will receive a complete refund of all payments already made for the original Property.
  • 26.
    The Website assumes no liability for property loss or damages, nor liability for injury, accidents, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or the acts of any company or persons engaged in conveying passengers to or from their Property. Transportation is supplied by providers who operate independently of the Website.
  • 27.
    The Owner and the Website shall not be liable to the Client for any injury, loss of limb or life of the Client, any member of the Client’s party, or any Visitors of the Client to the Property during the rental period. It is a specific condition of these Terms of Use that the Client confirms that he and all members of his party have sufficient medical insurance cover, personal injury and personal liability insurance for the duration of their stay at the Property.
  • 28.
    The Client acknowledges that the use of some facilities, including but not limited to the swimming pool, terraces and stairs, and of furnishings and appliances, particularly those in the kitchen and bathroom, may prove dangerous. The Client and those accompanying him are fully responsible for taking all necessary precautions before using any facility, appliance or equipment they are not familiar with. The Owner and his representative accept no responsibility to Client for any injury of whatever sort as a result of use of such facilities. It is the Client’s responsibility to take all necessary precautions to avoid any accident involving himself or members of his party.
  • 29.
    Under no circumstances shall the Owner’s liability to the Client exceed the amount paid to the Owner for the rental period.
  • 30.
    We are very careful not to misrepresent any Property and every effort has been made to ensure information displayed on our Website is correct. We cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions to Property features, facilities and services (whether temporary or permanent), contained on our Website and ensuing correspondence as this information is provided by the Owner. We cannot be held responsible if the Property booked is unsatisfactory on arrival.
  • 31.
    The photographs on the Website are normally up to date and give a general impression of the Properties. However, the Website does not take any responsibility for any views or objects such as furniture etc. which appear in the pictures, but may have been removed or changed, nor for any changes to aspects of views since the pictures were taken, or descriptions compiled.

H. Problems and Complaints

  • 32.
    In the case of any problem or complaint, please inform the Owner at your earliest opportunity so they have the chance to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. We request you allow repair/service access to the Property during reasonable hours. Please notify us in writing prior to departure of any complaint, which cannot be resolved with the Owner and we will do our very best to facilitate a fair resolution between you and the Owner.

I. Personal Requirements

  • 33.
    Customers from approved countries must be in possession of a passport, which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and the completed embarkation/disembarkation card they received from their airline. Citizens of these certain countries will be able to apply for a VoA (tourist visa) valid for 30 days upon arrival by air in Bali, Jakarta and a few other international airports or by ship at a limited number of Indonesian sea ports. A 30-day visa is paid for on arrival and is extendable for another 30 days. Be aware that Immigration officials calculate the 30-day period as follows: your arrival day is counted as your first day, and you must leave the country on the 30th or 60th day.
  • 34.
    We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance to protect you and all those that accompany you for the full time of your visit against illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellations and other travel contingencies. We also strongly recommend health insurance that covers medical evacuation for emergencies. The owner is not responsible for Customer property loss or damage.
  • 35.
    Please tell us at the time of booking about any medical condition or infirmity of any member of your party that might be relevant to your holiday.

L. Reviews

  • 36.
    Clients’ reviews may be uploaded onto the Property page on our website for the sole purpose of informing future Clients of other opinions of the service level and quality of the Property. The Website reserves the right to adjust, refuse or remove reviews at our sole discretion.

M. Violation

  • 37.
    Any violation of the above Terms of Use will lead to immediate termination of the rental 24 hours following a formal notice to cease such violation. In such case, the Client will be required to vacate the premises immediately and with no compensation whatsoever.

N. Implementation

  • 38.
    The above Terms of Use apply at any time while the users browse the Website. The Client accepts these Terms of Use starting from the moment the booking is confirmed through the payment of the rent, both in the form of deposit or entirety of the rent. The Client accepts these Terms of Use even in the case he/she has not been asked to officially agree on these Terms of Use by the Website, as it is a client’s obligation to read, understand and agree on Them before completing a booking. The above Terms of Use incorporate the basis on which we can accept bookings.
  • 39.
    Any exception to these Terms of Use granted by the Website for the Client’s benefit in no way modifies the present Terms of Use. If any of the conditions of this Rental Contract are or become or are deemed to be invalid, or if there is any omission from any terms and conditions, the remaining terms and conditions will remain valid and enforceable and cannot be contested.

O. Jurisdiction

  • 40.
    All disputes arising from the execution of or in connection with the Terms of Use shall be settled through amicable negotiations between parties. In case no settlement to disputes can be reached through negotiation, these Terms of Use shall be interpreted according to the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”) and be governed by Hong Kong laws. The Client agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of Hong Kong courts for any disagreement, dispute or claim between the Website and you.

P. Language

  • 41.
    These Terms of Use are written in English. The English writing will prevail over any translation available on the Website.